Explore Android In Different Way



Android is such a wide platform that allows us to explore variety of innovative things.Rooting(jail break) in Android gives us the full access of Android system through which we can do a lot of stuffs beyond limitations.The one feature i like the most after Rooting Android device is the use of command prompt.

Terminal emulator is an App (Available at PlayStore) which allows us to explore android through linux commands. Even we can use this app even without rooting but the drawback is only few of commands work without rooting.So its required to root your device to eplore the terminal emulator in best way.


Type su in terminal emulator command window and press enter to get the root access (superuser access) in your device.

We can use most of the LINUX Command to use Eerminal Emulator . There is also a special keyboard called HACKER’S KEYBOARD with icon ESC avaliable at PlayStore for portable use of commands.

Commands are not Case-Sensitive i.e can be use either in small or block letter.


  • PWD – Print name of the current directory.
  • ECHO – Print text.
  • CD – Change current directory (use this code following directory path).
  • SET – Sets shell variables.
  • EXPORT – Make shell variables available to command-line programs.

The above Five command are five built-in commands of the Shell.

You can find various command at Google and terminal emulator Help option.  There are also book available for deep study of shell which also work (expect few commands) on Terminal Emulator.


  • DF – Command that allow us to analyse Disk Usage without using any client.
  • IFTOP – Command that shows the current Bandwidth on a network interference. It listen to network traffic and flow of our interface and display all the infos. It continues to show until you stop it. Q command is used to stop this command.
  • DDos attack using PING command Using ping command following with a website (full address) gives the whole info of its security with its ip address. There are various tags available to gain some access to the website or contact its server which i can’t give here for security reasons.
  • LOGCAT ( only for superuser) – *gain info using other clients.
  • AMIX APLAY Command line audio file player.
  • DEBUGGERED DEXOPT DF Shows how much space is free on different file systems on your device.
  • TAR – Command use to archive a file.
  • GEDIT – Text editor to create and edit files.

There are so many common and advanced commands are available through which we can explore Android easily and effectively.

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